The 2010 World Cup Draw

The draw for the 2010 South African World Cup was made the other day.

England, France, Italy and Spain were drawn groups which shouldn’t cause them too many problems, but what I was more interested in is how this could make the rest of the tournement look.

I’ve gone through the groups and knockout rounds assuming that the highest FIFA-ranked team (as of Nov ’09) will win. Obviously this means that Spain will win in this. It also turns out Brazil (2nd rated) does come second and Germany (6th) comes third. England only make the quarter finals.

For the group stages, the number is brackets is the FIFA-ranking:

Group A
France (7)
Mexico (15)
Uruguay (19)
South Africa (86)
Group B
Argentina (8)
Greece (12)
Nigeria (22)
South Korea (52)
Group C
England (9)
US (14)
Algeria (28)
Slovenia (33)
Group D
Germany (6)
Serbia (20)
Australia (21)
Ghana (37)
Group E
Netherlands (3)
Cameroon (11)
Denmark (26)
Japan (43)
Group F
Italy (4)
Paraguay (30)
Slovakia (34)
New Zealand (77)
Group G
Brazil (2)
Portugal (5)
Ivory Coast (16)
North Korea (84)
Group H
Spain (1)
Chile (17)
Switzerland (18)
Honduras (38)

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