Ini++ v1.5 Updates

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I recently updated my Ini++ object to Ini++ v1.5. And messed it up. This is my blogging on making it work again. I will update this post at various times.

Actually, it might not be all my fault. I just realised the installer is incorrect! This is probably causing errors. It installs it as INI++.mfx in one directory and INI++15.mfx in another directory. It certainly won’t work when built as an EXE like that! Both the versions installed by that should be called INI++15.mfx.

I’m going through to check the reported bugs.

Reported Bugs

  • “Change group” with “Ensure new group” does not create a new group at all

This is not a bug, it is probably a confusion with what it means. ‘Ensure new group’ just means that it will choose a different group name if a group with that name already exists. For instance, if you set the group to “Hello” whilst there is already a group called “Hello”, then if ‘Ensure new group’ is enabled it will in fact select group “Hello.1”. See this example.

  • Examples for Shuffling and High Score tables aren’t working from MMF2 (they crash application) but from EXE file they are working

This is the INI++/INI++15 problem with the installer mentioned above. If the installer was correct this example would still use the old version. I’ll update it sometime.

  • If you try to update an existing file, it doesn’t write any new data, instead creating a group called “[]” with nothing in it. If you try to open a second file after opening a first file, then write to it, it just rewrites what it wrote to the first file and no new data can be added to the second file.

These are the same bug (as noted in the report). It is fixed now and was due to the ‘Clear’ function forgetting to clear the group ordering data. Then the actual data and the data ordering went out of sync, which caused weird problems.

Hopefully the bugs are now gone. If they are I will release an update as soon as possible. It will not add any extra features though for now.

New features for a later version

Since I have taken over the Chart object I will complete that first so that the next proper release of Ini++ can contain the Chart integration features (which exist but are hidden at the moment). Some other features I am considering are:

  • ‘Sort by first part’ new sorting action (Edit: Now added)
  • The ability to choose your sorting mode between ‘alphanum’, ‘standard case sensitive’ and ‘standard case insensitive’ for group re-orderings (Edit: Now added)
  • Stop using difficult sort for internal purposes (Edit: Now done)
  • Sorting out the call-backs. They appear to be called far far too often. (Edit: In fact they were already programmed brilliantly)
  • The aforementioned Chart integration (This is already mostly done)
  • A ‘non-abstract’ mode where it appears in the frame as the debugging box. This would disable the ability to pop-up the debugging box.
  • Java support if Fanotherpg is right about it being easy 😉
  • File hash checking to ensure it has not been modified. This was originally going to be done in Ini++ v2.0 which made it easier because it would’ve worked in a fairly different manor (and had some awesome features like much better repeated items, sub-groups and best of all filtering). I’ll have to think of a way to do it on this one.


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