Chart Object (Cont.)

So I’ve fixed some massive bugs in the object and have almost made it so that only relevant actions and expressions are shown in the menus. This makes it a bit easier to use and I think makes it seem a lot less cluttered.

Here is my list of things to do (and I will update on here when I get them done):

  1. ‘Set min axis’ messes up bar chart (Fixed along with some rendering bugs)
  2. Conditions don’t work (Removed them)
  3. Menu hiding on conditions (There are none now)
  4. Checking properties in the property viewer should change the object right away (Done)
  5. The object appears to start on cts mode (Fixed)
  6. Gradients crash the pictograph mode (Fixed. In fact, now gradients can be used in pictograph mode. The menu item is still hidden)
  7. ‘Set min axis’ and ‘Set max axis’ messes up pictogram, which wasn’t working very well anyway. (EditWill look at again.)
  8. New ‘Horz’/’Vert’ mode settings should reinitialise the geometry (Done)
  9. More padding required for horz labels (Done)
  10. ‘Value padding’ doesn’t work (Fixed)
  11. Line and Scatter: Displaying values doesn’t work (Will not fix)
  12. Pie and Radar: Displaying values doesn’t work (Done)
  13. Tick interval actions (Done)
  14. The fixing of continuous graphs:
    1. Continuous graph things need to make more sense. For example, hide the series name in the data editor.
    2. When changing between cts and non-cts mode the x-positions disappear
    3. Better menu hiding and property hiding
  15. The property editor:
    1. Sort out into new categories
    2. Some redundant properties are shown on the property display
  16. New expressions, actions and conditions for the various properties
  17. Scatter graph object: Things get clipped (Fixed)
  18. Horizontal graphs are the wrong way around (Fixed)
  19. New ‘anti-alias’ property and hide the one on the editor (Done)
  20. The god damn drawing problem in the frame editor which makes the labels disappear sometimes.

It’s going fairly well!


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