Chart Object (IV)

Progress has been good recently. The things left to do are:

  1. The fixing of continuous graphs:
    1. ‘Line’ and ‘Scatter’ will be separated from their continuous ‘Line (Cts)’ etc. counterparts
    2. Continuous graph things need to make more sense. For example, hide the series name in the data editor.
    3. When changing between cts and non-cts mode the x-positions disappear. They should be separate (at least at edit time)
    4. Better menu hiding and property hiding
  2. The property editor:
    1. Sort out into new categories
    2. Some redundant properties are shown on the property display
  3. New expressions, actions and conditions for the various properties
  4. The god damn drawing problem in the frame editor which makes the labels disappear sometimes.

Which isn’t really that much! However 4 is going to be tricky, I have no idea where to start.

Edit (27/12/09): Add to that, the latest Beta release apparently don’t work in HWA mode with pie-charts. Hopefully that will be an easy enough bug-fix because it apparently didn’t used to be there in the last Beta. Hopefully.


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