Chart Object (V)

I’ve been working on the chart object again. Now scatter graphs have to be continuous and the continuous and discrete line graphs are separated. The settings pane has also been restructured and I think it is a lot easier to use now. It really confused my finding the right options before, and I wasn’t always clear on what they did.

New property editor look

New property editor look

My list of things to do now is:

  1. Try and fix the HWA bug (Edit: It seems to crash regardless of version for me. May ask Yves at a later date)
  2. Try and fix the display bug which affects the axes (Edit: YES! I’ve found the problem, and I can fix it! The only problem is: I have no idea why my fix works. I need to think about it in detail first)
  3. Remove (range of/a single) value(s) does not work at present in discrete graphs. (Fixed)
  4. Fix newly discovered bug regarding items with no names (Fixed)
  5. When there are negative margins it needs to be clipped
  6. Add new actions/conditions/expressions
  7. Think about separating the cts and discrete values a bit more.

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