Chart Object (VI)

Another night of programming on the Chart object. Thanks to some helpful comments and feedback on the Scatter-graph mode by drnebula there are some new features.

  • Bug fix: The text-display-in-frame-editor bug is now gone.
  • Bug fix: Grid axis colour is now respected for value axis.
  • Bug fix: Now scatter charts work with one item.
  • Bug fix: Colour of series axis is now respected in cts mode. (This may have originally been a feature and not a bug, but I think it shouldn’t be ignored.)
  • New feature: Ability to specify how often grid lines appear on the series axis and value axis. It need not be related to the tick marks.
  • New feature: Ability to specify that every n-th tick should be labelled. It can be specified separately for series and value axes.
  • New feature: Ability to set the decimal precision of the series axis for cts graphs.
New chart object properties

This shows the new chart object properties and an example of them in use. They have not been named or grouped yet.

There are lots of other suggestions to be looked at in more detail. I’m also currently working on some bugs to do with clipping which make no sense to me at all.

Update: Further changes since posting include…

  • Change: Value things hidden in cts mode
  • New feature: Get n-th x value from left
  • New feature: Get number of data points
  • Bug fix: Insert value only works in cts mode
  • Change: Order of parameters to set x/y changed
  • Change: Internal structure changed
  • Change: Default settings changed
  • Bug fix: The data editing dialogue doesn’t display label in cts mode

The current issues I am looking at: Combining continuous graphs into one mode, allowing smooth curve graphs, clipping problems, axis and chart titles, new terminology, HWA problem, and further looking at the other issues brought up by drnebula.


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