Premier League Upsets Graph

I mentioned in a previous post that a graph showing every ‘upset’ in the Premier League this year (August-December 2009) would be fairly interesting. And here it is:

Premier League Suprise Results Graph

A graph showing all the 'unexpected' Premier League results. Arrows on the graph point towards the team who were favourites. Click to see it larger.

How is an ‘upset’ defined? I split the teams in the Premier League into four groups. The ‘top teams’, ‘second tier teams’, ‘mid-table teams’ and ‘bottom teams’. I defined an ‘upset’ as either a ‘top team’ failing to win against a team which is not another ‘top team’, or a ‘second tier team’ failing to win against a ‘bottom team’.

I think this probably is a good definition, although it is open to arguments. Even if you accept it though there are bound to be arguments about which teams are in the various groups. I decided to use my expectations at the start of the season rather than how it turned out. Therefore I decided the following:

Top Teams: Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool

Second tier teams: Tottenham, Man City, Villa, Everton

Bottom teams: Burnley, Wolves, Hull

The rest were defined as ‘mid-table teams’. There are a few arguments to be had here. Many people though Man City were going to be a top team this year, but always thought that was unrealistic (although I would tip them as the most likely to win the FA Cup). Everton have done poorly in the end this season, but I think that is more due to injuries and so they keep there place in my mind as a second-tier team


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