Chart Object (VII)

I’ve fixed the problems mentioned in the last post. The new features are:

  • New feature: ‘Smooth’ line mode.
  • New feature: ‘Square-tooth’ line mode.
  • Change: ‘Scatter’ and ‘Line (Cts)’ are no longer separated, replaced by ‘XY (Cts)’. ‘Line (Discrete)’ has been renamed ‘XY (Discrete)’. This is to reflect the fact that due to new options, you may have both scatter points and lines on the same chart (either cts or discrete). Both will be renamed again when the terminology changes.
  • New feature: In-built markers. There are:
    1. Horizontal or vertical lines
    2. Crosses
    3. Squares and filled squares (‘boxes’)
    4. Circles and filled circles (‘dots’)
  • In addition to ‘none’ or using an image as before. The colour, size and thickness of these can be configured too.

  • Bug fix: Line graphs will no longer draw far out of the its range anymore.
  • Bug fix: Cts graphs work in horz mode again.
  • Bug fix: Clipping is done in different regions for lines than it is for markers now.
  • New feature: XY graphs can now have individual value labels.
Three forms of the default graph

Three forms of the default graph using different styles.

And since I first posted:

  • Change: Slightly more intelligent labelling (doesn’t allow itself to be half in display).
  • Bug Fix: All grid based graphs were calculating the text size of individual labels incorrectly.

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