Chart Object (VIII)

I’m quite happy with the improvements from when I last posted. Note that ACE stands for Action, Condition or Expression

  1. New feature: The ability to set a title
  2. New feature: The ability to give titles to the axes
  3. New feature: ‘Line of best fit’ line drawing mode.
  4. Bug fix: Padding problem on vertical axis.
  5. Bug fix: Now axis titles swap around properly on horizontal mode.
  6. Bug fix: Now pie-charts and radar-charts may have titles.
  7. Bug fix: Charts now work even when ‘Show individual values’ isn’t selected. (You may wonder how that bug even come to exist! In fact a variable was incremented at the wrong level in nested for and if loops. Stupid me.)
  8. Bug fix: Vertical axis now has transparent background, but it still doesn’t work very well on non-white surfaces.
  9. Bug fix: Clipping now works! The new text drawing functions can be slower than the older ones. There are tests to make sure that processor time isn’t wasted but due to how some of the labelling works it does do more work than strictly necessary in some cases if the margins are changed.
  10. Bug fixes: Clipping issues to do with graphs lines and markers have been resolved.
  11. New feature: Now if the tick spacing, axis scale labels spacing or grid spacing is too small (less than 3 pixels for the former and latter and less than the size of the largest item for the scale labels) it will be automatically enlarged. This means that if the scale automatically changes the graph will still be somewhat presentable.
  12. New feature: You can now decide if you wish markers to be able to go over the axes or not.
  13. New feature: Now ticks with numbers on are larger than those without (unless none have numbers).
  14. Bug fix: To do with switching between cts and discrete mode.
  15. Bug fix: Grid lines are not drawn on the minimum points anymore.
  16. Change: Lots of property changes, including some items being disabled when not in use.
  17. New feature: You can now set the padding on individual values separately. This was mainly to make the user interface simpler.
  18. Bug fix: Bar charts use proper margins for drawing the bars. This means it works when the minimum is negative.
  19. Bug fix: Very large tick marks work again, although I’m not sure what I did to make this work.
  20. Change: Line of Best Fit uses the viewing position instead of internal position for discrete graphs.
  21. Bug fix: ‘Line’, ‘Square tooth line’ and ‘Smooth line’ now displays according to viewing position, making it work is discrete mode.
  22. Bug fix: Now you can actually add elements to the end in discrete mode.
  23. Bug fix: Scatter chart items are displayed property now.
  24. Change: The order of the property groups has now changed.
  25. Bug fix: For a pie chart, it no longer will draw things in black, secretly changing it to colour 8 (‘opaque black’). This means that if you make a black shape it won’t suddenly become see-through.
  26. New feature: Border thickness, colour.
  27. New ACE: Actions have been added to change title texts, their colours and also to hide them.
  28. Bug fix: ‘Transparent’ option available again.
  29. Bug fix: ‘DisplayRunObject’ now updates the fonts before it is called. This probably fixes a few undiscovered issues to do with values changing that affect fonts during runtime.
  30. New ACE: Get and set the margins via actions and expression.
  31. New ACE: Set the axis thickness and colour via expressions.
  32. New ACE: Set the gridline thickness, colour and intervals for both axes (with automatic hiding when not relevant)
  33. New ACE: Set the tick sizes.
  34. New ACE: A set to change the line type, colour and thickness.
  35. New ACE: A set to change marker type, radius & thickness and colour.
  36. Change: Now ‘outline thickness/colour’ is relabelled ‘line thickness/colour’ in XY mode and put into the right folder.
  37. New ACE: Get rotation.
  38. Bug fix: Some problems with previously added ACEs fixed.
  39. New ACE: Set width/height.
  40. New ACE: Actions to set everything to do with the labels (series, value and individual).
  41. Bug fix: It used to crash if it was too small. Now it does not. This also fixes a problem with setting the margins too large.
  42. New Feature: The title text can now have shadow. You can also configure how much padding there is under the title. There are also new actions to set these values.
  43. Bug fix: The title used to be too low. Now it isn’t.
  44. Change: Menus sorted out. They should make more sense now but there is stuff further to go.
  45. Bug fix: Line of Best Fit mode was rounding the points to the nearest integer. Now fixed.
  46. Bug fix: Long standing issue which meant there was too much padding at the bottom is now fixed.
  47. Bug fix: The ChartGeometryXY constructor has been more-or-less rewritten. It now gets the spacing a lot better. It still doesn’t allocate space properly when you have graphs that span positive and negative though.
  48. Bug fix: Properly allocates space for all types of graphs now. Hopefully.
  49. Change: More intelligent positioning of series labels.
  50. New feature: Now if the axis meets at a place where both are zero, the zero will only be displayed once in a position which makes sense.
  51. New feature: Now menus which only have one item on them (even if that item is another pop-up menu) is copied into the previous menu. This means that the menu structure now looks organised in all modes.
  52. Bug fix: Labels are no longer displayed for pie-chart entries which are zero (or negative)
  53. Bug fix: Due to a bug in the menu hiding code the latest few menu entries were not hidden.
  54. New ACE: Now the auto-range modes can be set by actions.
  55. Change: Menus restructured a bit.
  56. Bug fix: It no longer assumes the text of the highest value is larger than that of the lowest value.
  57. Bug fix: Very negative graphs are now rendered better.
  58. Change: There is now a check-box in the ‘About’ tab that allows you to disable the menu ‘auto-hide’.
  59. Bug fix: Null check before it is attempted to draw the series labels.
  60. New feature: A new hidden ‘Set Chart Type’ feature. It is not shown in any mode, so you need to uncheck the box in the about pane to enable it.
  61. Bug fix: Gridlines are now drawn first and bugs in them have been corrected.
  62. Bug fix: Memory leak and a possible freeing of null pointer fixed.
  63. New ACE: New expressions to convert pixels to coordinates in axis-based graphs.
  64. New ACE: The ability to check if the cursor is within the graph area, and also to check if it is on a particular (or general) bar.
  65. Bug fix: Chart title rendered at correct height again.
  66. Ini++: Integration of Chart and Ini++ has been done.
  67. Bug fix: Grids were displayed in the incorrect place due to rounding problem.
  68. New feature: There can now be multiple data sets. 9 are allowed, numbered 0 to 8.
  69. New ACE: New features to change the data sets.
  70. Ini++: Updated to save all data set settings.
  71. New ACE: ‘Generate from equation’.
  72. Bug fix: Auto-hiding of conditions, and improvements in other auto-hiding
  73. Bug fix: ‘Generate equation’ silently fails now if it does. It can fail for individual instances (e.g. divide by zero) or for the whole thing (syntax error).
  74. New ACE: Get title, series axis title, value axis title.
  75. Change: Auto range now have padding
  76. Bug fix: Empty title used to cause the graph not to be displayed.
  77. Bug fix: Generate equation now draws the final point properly.
  78. Change: Auto-range uses the values from all data sets.
  79. New feature: New features to automatically set the tick and grid intervals
  80. Bug fix: Some rendering changes
  81. Change: New properties layout. Also tick-boxes for if you want grids-lines.
  82. Change: Labels make more effort to stay in the display area for bar charts.
  83. New ACE: New actions to turn on and off the gridlines.
  84. Change: Interface improved.
  85. Bug fix: Values off-the-scale on radar chart are now clamped into the range.
  86. Bug fix: Pictograms work again.


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