Anti-performance related pay

The following Dilbert cartoon was recently pointed out to me:

Dilbert Cartoon, 15 Nov 1995

Dilbert Cartoon, 15 Nov 1995

But when I did my Millennium Volunteers award, this was basically the structure. A friend and I created a programming language and environment to teach 3D game programming to Year 7 students (11 years old). I created the development environment, Pond, which was based on Scintilla. The language worked by converting to C++ and using Irrlicht. It ended up looking something like this:

Pond with a simple programming in the Duck programming language

Millennium Volunteers allowed you to get a ‘gold’ award by volunteering 100 hours. The teaching and lesson planning was something like 2 hours per week, and writing the reference book took a while. However, most of our time was spent actually coding the environment or the language. Every time we found a bug in our code we actually got rewarded. It was rather silly. Of course, we didn’t purposely program in any bugs – there was no need.

Duck is available to download from my website


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