Programs for Windows Mobile

I have a Sony Ericsson X1 mobile phone, which is made by HTC and runs Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is actually pretty good. For one thing, it supports .Net so it is great for writing programs. However, out of the box it isn’t that great. Sony have tried, and failed, to make it more user-friendly and useful. Here are some actual programs to improve it…

Sony X1

Finger Keyboard provides a much better keyboard on-screen interface. Although the phone has a slide out keyboard you can’t always be bothered to use it, and the default on-screen keyboard is horrific. You can also use a program called SIPChange to make this the default keyboard type.

SPB Mobile Shell provides a much better user interface to your handset. The picture from their website shows an example of it, but it can look better than that. It isn’t free, but it makes a massive difference.

acbToggleBT lets you play audio through your Bluetooth headset, if you have one. This is really useful. Watch out though: If you are listening to comedy, you will look like you are laughing to yourself.

OggSync lets you sync Google Calendars with your phone calendars. I have the registered version and it is really worth the money.

Reflection is my favourite of a collection of freeware puzzle games from Jean-Francois Mainguet. In this you must figure out where the mirrors are, given the length of the paths of the lasers.

amAze is some free GPS software which speaks to you. I found it quite helpful, and along with Google Maps can help you out quite a bit.

gAlarm is a much much nicer alarm clock system. It is only £5 to buy and the usual alarm system on Windows Mobile is terrible.


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