Ini++ Update

Recent work on the Chart Object has meant that the Ini++ object has been revisited. As well as the chart integration features, I have added a new action which replaces ‘Load file’ and ‘Change file’. The problem is that it wasn’t obvious how they worked, and some people wanted changes to only happen if the change was successful (which isn’t how the original Ini object worked).

Therefore a new action, currently named “Load/Change file/New file” (which will hopefully get a better name) asks you for a file-name and then prompts you with the following dialogue box:

There are three categories of settings determining if the file should be loaded, the current file path changed and if the data in the object should be deleted. The latter two have an extra “Only if file exists” setting (which cannot be selected if ‘Load file’ is not selected in the first set of options. Also, ‘Keep old path name’ cannot be used with ‘Don’t load the file into the object’. There is no technical reason why, however they would almost always be selected by error).

Note that the “Only if file exists” setting does not guarantee it was loaded correctly – an incorrect encryption key cannot be detected. Although compression errors can be detected, for performance reasons it does not check if it was successful. This version however does have new actions to check if decompressing a file using the “Extra functions” action was successful.

Here are some common actions and their combination:

Load File: Load file; Set current file to new path; Clear old data

Load file into current file: Load file, Keep old path name, Keep old data

New file: Don’t load the file, Set current file to new path, Clear old data

Change file path: Don’t load the file, Set current file to new path, Keep old data (and ‘Save Ini straight away’ should be checked).

I did have an extra “Load file” setting of “Clear file first” however I decided it was too destructive and removed it from the dialogue. It can still be achieved by selecting”Don’t load the file”, “Clear old data” and “Save Ini straight away”.

Other new features include:

  • The ability to get the current group name
  • The ability to get the data of the current group as a string
  • The ability to get the current file name
  • The ability to tell if a decompression was successful or not when using the ‘Extra features’ decompression

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