Current Chart Object Progress

I’m still working on the Chart object. As I now have a full time job, work is slower, but I am still getting some things done.

Currently a few problems have been reported with the ‘generate points from equation’ action. Due to that I am currently changing the internal mathematics parser. It previously used a system that a friend wrote for me, however some bugs had been found in it – it didn’t parse some expressions properly. Instead, I am moving to the open source muParser. This also has the advantage of ‘pre-compiling’ the expressions (with references to variables) so that it can be evaluated multiple times quickly. This should make it a lot quicker!

I think I am away this weekend and so I won’t be able to implement this too soon. I started last night though, and got the code back to a compiling (although incorrect) state. After that I’ll need to go back to the auto-detection routines and fix them =)


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