Chart Object Progress

There has been more progress with the chart object. The changes are:
New feature: Automatic precision detection and new selectors for it in the property pane

Change: Ticks at end of series axis
Bug fix: x-Axis title no longer cut off by two pixels
New ACE: “Is position near graph point condition”
New ACE: “Get current data set number” expression.
New ACE: “Get nearest point to” expression
Change: Hide ‘axis’ in pie mode
New feature: Auto-tick for X axis
New feature: Now using muParser
Bug fix: Scaling fixing
Bug fix: Scaling works now for pictograms again
Bug fix: Display errors fixed with regards to overrunning
Bug fix: No surface on pictogram mode no longer crashes

So the things left to do are:

  • Write the documentation (which I am doing now)
  • Update Ini++ to reflect changes
  • Ask Yves why it isn’t working in HWA mode
  • One or two small things to do with hiding of properties.

It’s about time for Chris Branch to have a play with to make sure he thinks it is OK, and also for the people funding it to have a play with it. And then we have to decide about how it is released. It seems to be ‘the thing’ now to give it up KlikDisk before it actually goes public. It’s up to the people paying for it though…


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