Chart Object and Ini++ v1.5

The Chart Object and Ini++ v1.5 have both been completed! Yay! Both are currently released to Clickteam’s testers, although I don’t think anybody is actually testing them at the moment. This means that either it will be released with bugs, or that its release will be delayed for a while, which is a real shame as I’ve put in effort recently getting this done when I’d really have prefered not to.

It often takes just one or two people to pop-up and try and use the object in a project of their own for it to be well-tested though. Or perhaps I should release it on here as a beta? I’m not sure yet and will have to talk to Clickteam. There are people paying me so I should respect their wishes too.

As for after this, I have other projects. For one thing, I want to pick up OpenTH again. I also have another MMF-related project (not quite an extension but something along those lines). I do have this ultimate idea of a card-game object though. More useful would probably be a set of custom GUI controls in a game-ish style, but these things are horrible to write if you want them to work with all languages, which I suppose I’d have to. Ideas are welcome.


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