X10 Remote Control Config (“X10 UR86E PC Remote Control”)

A while ago I bought a remote control for my media PC. It is OK – it came with a code which made it work for my TV too, but the ‘ShowShifter’ software it came with for the PC was terrible. Not only that, it really wanted me to upgrade. I tried the version it wanted me to upgrade to, and it was just as awful. However, it turned out that software let you change registry keys to change the behaviour.

Of course, this is boring to do by yourself so here is some software, written in Multimedia Fusion, that actually makes this task not annoyingly boring.


I made the play/pause buttons and so forth correspond to the Windows Media Player shortcut keys. By called rundll32.exe you can also make the power button make the computer sleep. Note that to use this you do need the software installed. Overwrite every function which calls ShowShifter and then delete it (don’t uninstall it, for it takes the things you want with it).

ShowShifter really is bad.


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