A World Cup Of Upsets

My very first post on this blog showed the World Cup if there were no upsets at all (i.e. the highest ranked team always won). It would end up looking like this:

Now the group stage is over we can look at how it compares to reality, and it is fairly different.

Brazil vs Chile, Argentina vs Mexico and Spain vs Portugal are the only predicted matches that will happen, and they all sound great. 6 attacking teams, at least half of which with their own defensive issues.

England’s poor performances didn’t cost them as it did Italy or France, but it does mean the Round of 16 has England vs Germany, which will start in about half an hour.  The winner will have a road to the final that will probably include Argentina and Spain, so the winner has more issues.

The shock results in the group stage means that one of unfancied four of Uruguay, South Korea, the USA and Ghana will reach the semi-finals. (Well, since those games have been played, one of Uruguay or Ghana.) They will likely play either the Dutch or the Brazilians, but if Uruguay carry on as they are they could actually stand a chance in getting to the final. Ghana were bossed by Brazil in the last world cup, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to suspect it would be any different this time.

The predicted quarter-finals of Netherlands vs Brazil and Argentina vs Germany can still happen, although the others cannot: Spain, if they reach the quarters, will get a theoretically easier test than Italy with either Paraguay or Japan, although both teams have been impressive and positive.


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