Chart Object Near Release

The Chart Object has been updated again. Only a small number of changes this time:

  1. The ‘Export as image file’ and ‘Copy to clipboard’ actions now take a parameter so you can select the background colour. Of course if you export to a PNG file, black represents transparency.
  2. The vertical text is never rendered using anti-alias.
  3. The ‘Anti-alias’ option now decides if the labels are rendered with anti-aliasing or not. If you export to a PNG with transparency, you should probably turn this off!

Hopefully later tonight I will be able to create a release candidate. Then, providing everything goes well there can be a public beta release.

Speaking of which, I want to know if the Ini++ v1.5 beta release can be upgraded to an official release. Any feedback would be helpful – message me on the CT forums, even if it is just to say “I used it and it worked”. Thanks.


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