Self-Referential Puzzle III

Here is the third self-referential number square. Like the second, it is a Latin square. The second square was centred around the idea of having one of the clues by false. This results in a large number of clues, and some of the difficulty was provided in trying to keep on top of them all. The motivation behind this one was to keep the number of clues to the minimum.

Click for a larger version

The clue at the top-left is perhaps slightly confusing. What it means is this: The value of the top-left box is the row number of the ‘1’ in the first column. The value of the second box on the first row is the row number of the ‘1’ in the second column, and so forth.

Two further clarifications which should probably be obvious are that the ‘number of divisors’ includes 1 and the number itself, and the down-right diagonal is the one that starts at (1,1) and ends at (5,5). The first row is the one at the top.

Here is the solution – with lots of pictures!


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