Ini++ bug fixes

I haven’t forgotten about Ini++ and the Chart Object. In fact, some bugs in the former were delaying the release of the latter. I want them to be released at the same time in order to stop the ‘version hell’ that is the current state of Ini++ (i.e. too many versions floating around, some with bugs). It’s a shame really, because I want the Chart object out of the door.

So mid-September I was told about some bugs. By January I had time to work on them (as I was working on the Chart object before hand, getting ready for what I thought was the release) and had managed to reproduce the bugs, with Pixelthief’s invaluable help. Unfortunately, with only bits of weekends to work on them, as well as problems to do with which computers I have debuggers on, it took ages. I program at work a lot, so I rarely feel like going home and programming as it is. Debugging, definitely not. Still, I carried on and last night I think I finally cracked it!

I fixed quite a lot of bugs on the way. Most of them are small and probably had no effect, but certainly some of them did as it seems to work now. I am so glad to get it out of the way! If, indeed, I have.

Hopefully I can release it through Clickteam fairly soon. It’s late enough already!

One thing: The latest version’s compression is incompatible with the old versions compression. It will not open any compressed files saved in the new version. I hope this is OK with everybody. I switched to zlib for the compression, whilst before I used a library which appears to have had some bugs in it (and was generally unsafe on corrupt files). The penalty for this is a much bigger file size. (About 60kB bigger for the Runtime version.) It’s still all tiny by today’s standards though.

Stay tuned!


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