Old Posts Updated

Some older posts have been updated.

The introduction to Ramsey Theory and the explanation of Shors Algorithm for factorising integers are now hosted on Scribd and are embedded into the blog.

A broken image has been fixed in the solution of a problem to do with cutting circles up using chords.

The embedded LaTeX has been updated on a host of articles:

  1. A simple evaluation of the Guassian integral
  2. Cauchy’s proof of the Arithmetic-Geometric mean inequality
  3. Representing primitive recursive functions in Peano
  4. Typical Examples are Atypical
  5. How to check if an integer is a power of two
  6. Numbers coprime only to prime numbers
  7. Continuous bank interest
  8. Sums of squares and sums of cubes
  9. A somewhat elegant solution to a trivial problem and a verification of an XKCD comic

Whilst I am here, a slight update on the Chart Object/Ini++ Object updates: I am waiting on Chris Carson of Clickteam to build them. He is very busy at the moment, so we will have to be patient. I have found another bug in the Ini++ object to do with Sub-groups. When I have my other computer set up I will look at fixing that.

(Also: Damn it Arsenal.)


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