Chart Object Released

So, at last, I’ve released the Chart Object, along with the latest version of Ini++ v1.5. I have written many posts about the progress of the Chart Object, so it is great to finally get it released. I’m sure there will be an initial set of bugs, but hopefully there won’t be anything too major.

The Ini++ v1.5 object has a large number of bug fixes from the original release, and works much better. It is worth noting that the compression algorithm is different that before, so if you use compression it cannot open old Ini files.

The latest bug fix in Ini++ v1.5 is to do with the loading of subgroups, which didn’t work very well previously. Essentially, this is a feature which changes the loading and saving routines to take tabs into account. Groups which are indenting are considered ‘subgroups’. So for instance,

a = 1
	a = 2

has the group ‘Group’ and which has the subgroup ‘Subgroup’. The object does not support subgroups in memory, so it is faked by renaming groups to their path. It is hence loading in memory as:

a = 1
a = 2

This feature was always present, but it was previously fairly buggy.


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