Work on Multimedia Fusion extensions

A few of my extensions have known problems with it. I don’t particularly enjoy working on these projects; actually, I pretty much hate it. I have much better things I could be doing. However,  I will try to make the changes when I can.

The known problems are:

Chart Object
  • No support for HWA, which means it doesn’t work in the latest version of MMF
  • No support for Unicode titles, etc.
  • Crash to do with encryption
String Replacer
  • Suspected crash turned out to be due to a different object
Spell check Object
  • Lack of support for additional characters (such as accented characters)
String Replacer
  • Lack of support for additional characters (such as accented characters)

None of these will be much fun at all to work on, or particularly rewarding, so don’t expect progress to be quick. However, hopefully it will happen someday.


5 Responses to Work on Multimedia Fusion extensions

  1. Andrew Sum says:

    Hi Jax! I plan on using the encryption features of INI++ in my next project, and I was just wondering if you’d be able to elaborate on the “Crash to do with encryption” so I can work around it. I’ve used encryption in INI++ in the past without problems. Thanks!

    • Jax says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Unfortunately I have no idea about the crash. I can’t reproduce it myself. It may be that it has already been fixed and I didn’t log that. However, until I can confirm that I suppose it should be considered an ‘open’ problem.

      If you do use it and discover a bug, please report it to me though!

  2. Hannu says:


    I formated my HD and saved my game porjects and wanted to continue with an old project of mine. I didnt save my extensions I downloaded 1.5 now but I need (INI++.mfx) To open my project. Do you know were i can get hold of it?


    • Jax says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know – I never really handled distribution. However, I believe you can rename INI++15.mfx to INI++.mfx and it will work fine.

  3. Andrewmino says:

    Hello Jax,I really need the older version of Ini++ but I can’t find it.Can you please give it to me?

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