Evra and the Coin Toss (A little story hidden in the Suarez judgement)

The FA recently published the reasons for their judgement in the Suarez/Evra case. Suarez was found guilty of  using racist language to Evra during the Liverpool vs Manchester United match in October 2011, which finished 1-1.

I read the ‘Reasons’ report, which I did think was interesting (and surprisingly readable). Comments on the judgement are easy to come by, I’m sure, so I won’t give any more here.  However, I did like the following little story. It is paragraph 329, and it was from evidence put forward from the defence to show claim that Evra may have been angry enough to make the whole thing up. The evidence is mostly provided by Marriner, the referee for the game:

Mr Evra was seen to dispute the outcome of the coin toss with the referee. Mr Marriner explained that he used a FIFA coin which is blue on one side and yellow on the other. He asked Mr Evra, as the visiting captain, to call the colour. Mr Marriner tossed the coin, it came down yellow, and he awarded it to Steven Gerrard who elected to stay in their current ends. Manchester United had kick off. Mr Evra remonstrated that he had called correctly but, Mr Marriner said, he had not. Mr Evra then spoke to Ryan Giggs about it, and Mr Marriner walked over to Mr Evra to assure him that he (Mr Marriner) had got it right. Mr Evra’s evidence was that when such a coin was used, he always called yellow given that the alternative, blue, is a Manchester City colour, which he would never call. The toss came down yellow and so Mr Evra knew that he had won it. He particularly wanted to change ends at the start, he explained to the referee that he had called yellow, and why he had done so. Mr Evra was angry but the referee did not change his mind.

I liked the reason at the end. It seems funny to me that such things would influence him. It’s good to hear it, even though I’m an Arsenal fan.


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