Chart Object now can be added to MMF HWA applications

The Chart Object I wrote for Multimedia Fusion 2 would not allow itself to be added to hardware accelerated (HWA) applications. At the time the object was released, this was a separate runtime. It was disallowed as it didn’t appear to work properly with it – nothing would be displayed (except for the pie chart mode, which writes to an internal buffer first).

Today I started work to make the Chart Object HWA compatible (although not actually take advantage of the HWA). The first thing I did was remove the tests which stopped it being added to HWA applications. I tried it, and it seemed to ‘just work’ so long as the ‘Display Mode’ setting in the application properties is not ‘Direct3D 8’ or ‘Direct3D 9’ (both of which may cause crashes).

Well, I thought this would probably do for now. I’d be interested to know if there are any people who are strongly bothered by the inability to use it with Direct3D. Perhaps if it is an actual problems I will convert it to use off-screen buffers, but I’d prefer not to.

Download the version of Chart Object without the HWA checks

Edit: A quote I found from my notes from Fimbul which – probably fairly – describes the situation:

[T]he graph object. It’s great, but it’ll probably never see HWA, java, etc. It has an excellent function that allows you to get the coordinates for the points, so if you want, you can plot a graph yourself, but you can’t use that in the other runtimes (and I think it glitches even in HWA if you try to use it there). This is another example of something that is already using a form of coding, but that instead of being “click-friendly”, it’s mostly “click-impossible”.

Alas, it was created before alternative run-times, but released at about the same time as them.


6 Responses to Chart Object now can be added to MMF HWA applications

  1. Rich says:

    I would love to use this object in a project, do you think you will ever release a version with the option to have a logarithmic axis?

    • Jax says:

      Probably not. At least not until I remake it for MMF3.

      What you can do is take the log of all your data, and then hide the scale numbering. Drop your own replacements. Obviously you’d have to make sure the scale was not automatic as otherwise you could not align them (except possibly by using the ‘get coordinate of value’ functions?)

  2. Rob says:

    I can’t find any way to make logoritmic scale graphs. Is there maybe a mathemetic way to do this or a simple edition of the extension itself to make this possible?

    • Jax says:

      Hi Rob,

      You can take the logarithm or all the ‘y’ (or ‘x’ or both) values before adding it to the graph. Of course, the lines will still be linear and you’d have to label the axis “logarithm of [whatever]”. This is usually okay though I think – logarithmic graph paper is hard to read anyway. Unfortunately, there is no option to have logarithmic style lines.

      If this doesn’t make sense I can reply with more information about what I mean…

      • Rob says:

        until now this was also my solution 😉 Thanks for your quick response anyway. I thought maybe there is some (hidden) function to do this automatically. As I am loading in csv files I should buffer the data and convert them instead of loading directly in the graph object. Logoritmic lines can be drawn with a draw object or with a background picture so this is not a big issue. thanks.

  3. Léo says:

    Hello 🙂 Where can I find the Chart Object HWA compatible? The link is broken… 😦

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