A Bit of Graph Theory

I’ve written a document which explains some basic graph theory. In particular, it poses a few puzzle questions related to planar graphs and then solves them using Euler’s Formula.

I tried to write it in a casual style. The idea was that it should be easy to read whilst not giving up any mathematical accuracy. Actually, I’m not sure the style works at all, but it was worth experimenting.

Thank you to Kris for some suggestions to improve it. A version suitable for A5 booklet printing is available on my website.


Click to view/download


3 Responses to A Bit of Graph Theory

  1. The style works very well. I found myself wanting to stop reading by page 9, saw that I only has a few more (very short) pages to go, and continued. I remember liking my graph theory course, but I don’t remember much from it. What troubled me is that the proof feels so unrelated to the problem at hand. I wondr if there’s a way to really see it. (I think of algebra as hiding the connection of a solution to its problem, also.)

  2. It’s not your writing I was objecting to (I loved that). It’s the nature of that sort of proof.

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